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Widgetbook is a Venture Capital backed startup from Germany with 7 dedicated Flutter developers, designers, and professionals. Our team has been developing with Flutter since 2018 and is deeply embedded in the Flutter community. We are super excited about what we get to do every day and to be able to develop Widgetbook together with you. 💙

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Read the guide 📖

Check out our guide to learn more about our contribution process and get tips & tricks for getting started smoothly.

Contributing guide

Pick your first issue 🥂

Head over to our GitHub page, pick an issue, and leave a comment so we can avoid that two community members work on the same issue.

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Solve it 🎉

Get your contribution merged and earn the recognition you deserve. If you get stuck and need help, please reach out on Discord.

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By being a Widgetbook contributor, you unlock access to exclusive swag. If you've successfully merged a PR, written a blog post, or opened at least 3 issues, you qualify for a free t-shirt.

Upcoming events


Get together after Fluttercon

Jul 5, 2024
Berlin, Germany
The tradition continues! Join us at Birgit in Berlin for a casual Fluttercon wrap-up.
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Fluttercon Berlin

Jul 3, 2024
Berlin, Germany
Join Widgetbook at Fluttercon Berlin! Our CEO, Lucas, will be on stage sharing insights on Widgetbook’s latest innovations. Visit our booth for live demos and to meet the team. See you there!
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Fluttercon USA

Sep 19, 2024
Join Widgetbook at Fluttercon USA! Our CEO, Lucas, will be on stage sharing insights on Widgetbook’s latest innovations. Visit our booth for live demos and to meet the team. See you there!
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Past events



Oct 1, 2023
Hacktoberfest annually unites maintainers and new contributors in an open-source celebration. Widgetbook enhanced the main DigitalOcean event this year, hosting a month for Flutter and Dart devs worldwide to contribute to our repository. Let's start hacking!
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Flutter Conf LATAM 2023

Oct 25, 2023
Join us for the most anticipated Flutter event in Latin America. Don't miss out on two action-packed days filled with insightful talks, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities with Flutter enthusiasts from across the region. Our CEO Lucas will participate with a talk about Design Systems.
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You are in great company

Explore community members who contributed to Widgetbook with code or valuable feedback.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get involved in the Widgetbook community?

To get started, say hello in our Discord community, leave a star on GitHub, or join one of our upcoming events.

When do people get recognized on this community page?

To get recognized on this community page you have to either do a code contribution (1+ merged pull requests) or provide extensive feedback (3+ opened issues on GitHub). We will then add your profile manually, which may take a few days. If you do not want to be mentioned here, please send an email to

I would like to contribute to Widgetbook. How do I get started?

If you want to make a code contribution to Widgetbook, please take a look at our contributing docs.

Will Widgetbook always offer a community edition?

Yes. Open-source was always at the core of what we're doing at we are 100% commited to always offer a free & open-source edition for our community.