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Review all UI changes of your Flutter app in seconds

Widgetbook's open-source package allows you to catalog widgets in one central widget library or design system. Widgetbook Cloud automatically catches visual bugs in your pull request and syncs your Flutter widgets with Figma.

Build widget based
UIs faster

Widgetbook is an open source tool for building UI widgets and pages in Flutter. It streamlines UI development, widget organization, and team internal collaboration.

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One central collaboration platform

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Overview of
all widgets

Keep track of all widgets by showcasing them in your Widgetbook. Organize all your widgets in one place.Widgetbook provides a preview for every widget.

Simplify frontend reviews

With Widgetbook Cloud, you can share your Widgetbook with everyone - especially designers and clients. Designers and clients can review the implemented widgets via the browser.

Test widgets visually

Test your widgets on multiple devices and themes in just a few seconds. By using Knobs you have the possibility to test individual use cases.

Build in isolation

Widgetbook provides an environment to build UIs in isolation. It allows developing widgets without distractions from the surrounding screen and dependencies.

Detect all UI changes

Widgetbook's Golden tests automatically compare snapshots of your UI, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve unintended changes.

Seamless Integration

Integrate these tests into your CI/CD pipeline to catch UI regressions, in every pull request, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

Managed Golden Tests

Widgetbook Cloud runs your Golden Tests as part of the CLI workflow, ensuring a consistent, flawless experience. Never bother again about failing Golden Test even though the UI didn’t change

Share your widgets with everyone

Allow designers, QA testers, product managers, and clients to access your hosted Widgetbook.

CI/CD integrations

Integrate Widgetbook in your CI/CD pipeline by using the Widgetbook CLI.

Share per branch and commit

Give your team visible access to the branch and commit you are currently working on.

Open Source Storybook for Flutter

We believe in community - we are dedicated to open source. The core of Widgetbook is accessible to all. For free. Forever.

Overview of all widgets

Keep track of all widgets by showcasing them in your Widgetbook.

Test widgets visually

Test your widgets on multiple devices and themes in just a few seconds.

Figma vs Flutter comparison

Integrate Figma into Widgetbook to enable precise reviews between the Figma design and the Flutter implementation.

Single source of truth

Connect your Widgets to their design counterpart in Figma.

Sync design and code

Quickly compare new or changed Flutter widgets with their Figma designs

Let the Google team explain Widgetbook to you

What our customers think

"Widgetbook allows us to distribute our shared components across all teams for better alignment between customers and our design department."

Pascal Welsch

CTO | Phntm
"Widget testing on different mobile devices was a very time-consuming process. Preview each widget as easily as pie by using Widgetbook. You saved our time!"

Osman Yilmaz

Dev Manager | Mikrogrup
"We not only noticed better coordination and communication between developers and designers but also an improved code structure since our widgets are now more modular and independent."

Andreas Blech

Developer | BLVRD

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